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A few words about the company.

HARMENS Group was founded by MONOMAKH Asset Management to consolidate the Russian market for carton packaging. Today, it is composed by four printing houses: Harmens, JSC (Berdsk, Novosibirsk region), IMA-PRESS-PRINT, Ltd (Dubna, Moscow region), MKPF, LLC (Moscow region) and Tipografija Sadko, LLC (Krasnodar region). All manufacture facilities have long active history and keep dynamically developing. HARMENS Group is also searching for other printing companies (mainly from the Northwestern and Southern federal districts in Russia) in order to make them part of the Group.

Creating and developing HARMENS Group, we have always been striving for being an open and transparent company with good corporate management culture focused on efficient acivity. We are certain that such corporate strategy helps deliver great results to the shareholders in the form of liquidity of their investement and high profitability of the contributed capital.

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